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The best health supplements I have ever owned, falls perfectly around my diet. -Bailey L

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The best health supplements I have ever owned, falls perfectly around my diet. -Bailey L

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✔️Removes toxins, waste, and heavy metals

✔️Breaks down acidic accumulation for all ailments

✔️Gut Health & Digestion 

✔️Relieve Joint Inflammation 

✔️Better Blood Flow


✔️100% Alkaline Vegan

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Catherine H, John Thomas, and 87k+ other people use Cosmic Cell Foods🌿

Why You Need Cascara Sagrada and Blessed Thistle?

Cascara Sagrada - removes waste from the digestive system by triggering the Nervous system and the nerve impulses that eventually get down to the gut, allow that waste and inflammation and acidity in the gut to be broken down, removed and flushed out. Our blend differs from a lot of gut, colon, heavy metal, and heavy waste removal products, which gripe the intestines. We utilize cascara in a way where we use the nervous system to remove waste and debris instead of griping or scraping the digestive system. 

Blessed Thistle - It supports the digestive processes and enhances appetite. It is also known to alleviate inflammatory conditions. 

Blessed thistle contains compounds that act as antioxidants, helping to neutralize free radicals in the body. Antioxidants play a role in protecting cells from oxidative stress.

"Big Pharma" Kept Secrets

Rhubarb - it repels cancer, helps with free radicals, good for the digestive system and helps break down waste. 

It has anti-cancer properties and protects the cardiovascular system by reducing inflammation and oxidative damage.

The presence of anti-inflammatory compounds contributes to reducing inflammation in the body.

Why am I always fatigued, inflamed, and feel so old?

It's not a figment of your imagination; there's a tangible reason behind your body's decline—it's our food. The majority of our food supply is essentially lifeless, stripped of crucial vitamins and minerals intentionally. Big Food Corporations continually seek cost-effective methods to manufacture their "food-like" products.

The absence of genuine, nutrient-rich foods is contributing to a swift deterioration in people's health. The consumption of processed, artificial foods triggers inflammation in our muscles, joints, and organs. Moreover, these processed foods wreak havoc on our gut health, promoting bacterial growth and sparking an internal inflammatory response.

This internal inflammatory reaction acts like a wildfire, consuming your cells, organs, and arteries, accelerating the aging process beyond what Mother Nature or Father Time intended.

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5 Of The Worlds Most Powerful

Alkaline Superfoods

Product Specifications

Maximum Health Flexibility
Alkalinity cleanses, energizes, and nourishes the cells gently unlike violent stomach griping acidic or chemical based substances/detoxes. This makes the health journey much more flexible & palatable.

Acidity Free
We pride ourselves in our commitment to 100% alkaline ingredients, which means 100% naturally grown from nature without the assistance of man’s hands. Even Pao DArco is acidic. - Hybrid.

Over 87,000+ Trusted Customers
We hold diagnostic sheets and tons of reviews on the effectiveness of our compounds. Guaranteed to work for all human beings

Full-Spectrum Immune Support
Due to the extremely high potential of hydrogen and oxygen content alkaline plants contain, when consumed they gently assist the body in waste elimination, provide oxygen to the blood/skin, and the lymphatic system. Which is in essence the key factors of Full Spectrum Immunity. Acidity can not exist in an alkaline environment