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Tabletas herbarias para descongestión del colon: limpieza general del colon y las células

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The best health supplements I have ever owned, falls perfectly around my diet. - Bailey L


✔️ Rid of Excess Mucous

✔️ Boost Energy & Internal Oxygen

✔️ Improve Gut Health & Digestion 

✔️ 100% Alkaline Vegan Ingredients

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The best health supplements I have ever owned, falls perfectly around my diet. - Bailey L

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Cleanse and Nourish Your Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system plays a very essential role in the process of removing waste and acidity from the body. It’s also like the conductor of the immune system. It alerts the immune system when their is danger (acidity) amidst. The thymus gland (which is a lymphatic gland) is responsible for training T-lymphatic and B-lymphatic cells, known as T-cells and B-cells, how to recognize a damaged cell.

Dr. Sebi

Advocated a plant-based diet and natural remedies, emphasizing the importance of an "alkaline" diet to detoxify the body and promote wellness.

Dr. Sebi, whose full name was Alfredo Darrington Bowman, was born on November 26, 1933, in Ilanga, Honduras. He was a healer, biochemist and herbalist who pioneered the advocation for a plant-based alkaline diet and alkaline herbal remedies to treat diseases.


Product Specifications

Maximum Health Flexibility
Alkalinity cleanses, energizes, and nourishes cells gently, unlike harsh acidic or chemical detoxes, making the health journey more flexible and palatable.

Acidity Free
We use only 100% alkaline ingredients, naturally grown without human intervention, unlike even acidic substances like Pao D'Arco.

Over 87,000+ Trusted Customers
We offer diagnostic sheets and numerous reviews attesting to the effectiveness of our compounds for everyone.

Full-Spectrum Immune Support
Alkaline plants, rich in hydrogen and oxygen, aid waste elimination, oxygenate blood and skin, and support the lymphatic system, key to Full Spectrum Immunity.