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Food & Nutritional Reference Information


This section will include a full Nutritional guide that could be used by anyone on the planet to help curb the effects from diseases and ailments that may affect the body. The guide is intended to be used as a base to help create a healthier lifestyle and is in no way a substitution for expert care and advice from our health/fitness coach & certified master botanist.


This guide is for transitioning to an alkaline lifestyle and molecular detoxification. The general goal is to eat foods which align with your biological DNA structure.

Seeds vs. Seedless. We choose seeded fruits over seedless because they are viable. If the fruit itself can't produce a seed to reproduce, then how will it continue to reproduce itself? In turn, if we eat foods that are not viable, how do we expect to effectively reproduce? When you take foods out of their whole form, then you change the molecular structure of what creation intended for it to be. Our bodies will have to overwork to process the seedless foods, which robs the body of energy that it needs to digest the food. The body does not have affinity for foods that have been altered to be seedless.